Client Success Stories
Alion Vegetables Fruit Co Ltd

How can a software reinforce a company
to achieve vigorous growth?

Companies usually face difficulty in implementing new software smoothly , let alone achieving vigorous growth simultaneously

Alion Vegetables Fruit Co Ltd was established in 1990 mainly as a packaging and
exporting company of fresh vegetables, fresh herbs and fruit. Today the Company
exports products in more than 30 countries all over the world. By being loyal in
providing high quality products with consistency, Alion has managed to become the
leading name in exports of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit in Cyprus. T o improve
business operation processes and gain more control in orders execution, Alion chose SAP Business One.

With the implementation of SAP Business One, Alion gained speed, efficiency and effectiveness

With the implementation of SAP Business One, Alion Vegetables & Fruit Co Ltd was able to:

  • Save time from reporting procedures
  • Enable both Employees and Management Teams to work more efficiently
  • Improved the management of international exports in 30+ countries
  • Get standard or customized reports from real time data at any time needed
  • Run all operation processes under one platform
  • Obtain an accurate and precise distribution line
  • Automatically handle all key financial and accounting processes
  • Track sales opportunities and activities from the first contact to deal closing
  • Monitor on real time customers processes
  • Accurately run business operations and distribution processes

“Our decision to implement SAP Business One and work with SAP channel partner N.Y. Centrix Solutions Ltd, is daily proven to be an excellent one!’’

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