ERP Implementation Services
Choosing the correct partnership during the implementation of SAP Business One is a decisive factor that can distinguish between triumph and setback. The success or failure of ERP implementation hinges on the strength and expertise of the collaboration. Centrix emerges as the pivotal ally, ensuring that your journey with SAP Business One is not merely a process but a triumph in business evolution.

Centrix Implementation Project Methodology consists of seven stages:

Preliminary Analysis

In acknowledging the nature of each business and their specific requirements, our certified SAP Business One consultants collaborate with your team. Together we thoroughly. Understand your needs documenting them meticulously to prevent any future inaccuracies.
With Centrix you can benefit from a team of certified SAP Business One consultants who bring experience and ensure a customized approach tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Documentation & Blueprinting

Once the analysis is complete and your requirements are finalized our consultants create documentation that encompasses existing and proposed business solutions. This includes processes, approvals, reporting and document printing requirements. Based on this information we develop a blueprint that guides the development and execution of your business plan.
Trust in Centrix’s expertise to diligently document and blueprint your business solutions providing you with a roadmap for implementation.


Armed with the blueprint in hand the next step involves defining and mapping out the requirements to SAP Business One. We develop a plan, for customizations aimed at optimizing your company’s processes while ensuring cost effectiveness and efficiency throughout the implementation process.
Centrix stands out in its ability to define and map requirements providing a plan that optimizes processes and reduces costs for an implementation of SAP Business One.

Construction & Configuration

During this technical phase our consultants install the necessary hardware and software. They configure SAP Business One according to the specifications defined in stages. This phase also involves customization, data migration and the creation of reports and layouts, for printing.
Opt for Centrix because our consultantsre proficient in configuring SAP Business One and handling all aspects of customization ensuring an implementation.

Thorough Testing

Once configuration is complete rigorous testing takes place. Our team collaborates with user teams to conduct User Acceptance Testing ensuring that all SAP Business One functionalities relevant to your business undergo testing before implementation.
Rely on Centrix’s testing procedures to ensure an reliable SAP Business One system that meets your business requirements.

Training & Go Live

After testing training for end users begins based on their roles and permissions. Users receive education on SAP Business One facilitating a transition to the Go Live phase. With both hardware and software, in place Centrix ensures an adoption of SAP Business One.
Centrix offers training programs to ensure that end users are skilled and self assured resulting in a successful implementation of SAP Business One.

Ongoing Support

The journey doesn’t end with the implementation. Centrix’s support and maintenance programs provide peace of mind by offering updates and assistance to keep your SAP Business One solution up, to date and efficient.
Rely on Centrix for support and maintenance guaranteeing that your SAP Business One solution remains current and aligned with your evolving business requirements.


10 Tips for a seamless SAP Business One Implementation with Centrix

Tip 1: Opt for a Partner with Appropriate Expertise

Choosing the right implementation partner is vital to the success of your SAP Business One project. It's important that your partner has a deep understanding of business processes. You can trust Centrix's established track record and industry knowledge to effectively integrate the right SAP Business One solutions into your business requirements.

Tip 2: Ensure Sustained Commitment from Top Management with Centrix's Expert Guidance

Implementing SAP Business One starts with the involvement of business owners. It is crucial for top management to actively participate in the project emphasizing its importance and giving individuals time, for project related tasks. You can rely on Centrix for their professional advice, which will help maintain the commitment of management and ensure the success of your SAP implementation.

Tip 3: Prioritize Project Management with Centrix's Oversight

It is crucial to have tracking and monitoring in place to ensure a successful implementation of SAP Business One. To achieve this it is important to create a project plan designate a project manager and regularly review the progress made. Its imperative to focus on key milestones and make sure that the entire team is working towards the desired Go Live date. Engage with Centrix for their expertise in overseeing projects and managing them effectively which will contribute to your seamless SAP Business One implementation.

Tip 4: Prioritize Business Needs with Centrix's Tailored Solutions

Focus on addressing processes that fulfill a significant portion of your requirements. Categorize your needs into three categories; "Essential," "Optional," and "Desirable." It is important to prioritize the "requirements to avoid any delays. Benefit from Centrix's expertise in customizing solutions according to your business needs. This will guarantee an effective implementation of SAP Business One specifically tailored for you.

Tip 5: Conduct Business Process Workshops with Centrix's Proven Techniques

Streamlining the process of mapping your companies business processes, into the SAP Business One system is of vital importance. It is essential to use proven methods to discuss all business processes supported by a comprehensive yet easy to understand document called the business blueprint. This document serves as a guide for the project team. Rely on Centrix for their proven track record of using techniques and their expertise in conducting business process workshops. This will ensure comprehensive and effective SAP Business One implementation.

Tip 6: Ensure Master Data Accuracy with Centrix's Dedicated Support

Having quality and accurate master data is pivotal for your successful SAP Business One implementation. It is important to allocate time during the project phase to gather and organize the master data correctly. Pay attention to this task as any compromises made at this stage can result in incorrect transactions and reports. Count on Centrix for their dedicated support in ensuring the accuracy of your master data which will ultimately safeguard the success of your SAP implementation.

Tip 7: Prioritize User Training with Centrix's Comprehensive Programs

User acceptance is critical for the implementation of a new solution. It is important to engage personnel from the beginning of the project and to provide sufficient training to all users and encourage regular practice in the training environment. Rely on Centrix's training programs to guarantee that users are proficient and confident in your SAP Business One implementation.

Tip 8: Communicate with Business Partners with Centrix's Collaborative Approach

It's crucial to have communication with your business partners. Make sure to inform them in advance about your plans for implementing SAP Business One as this change may impact established processes. Work together openly and honestly with suppliers, customers or vendors to ensure alignment with the approach of SAP Business One. Engage with Centrix due to their collaborative approach which will help facilitate a seamless transition and successful implementation.

Tip 9: Emphasize Teamwork with Centrix's Unified Approach

Implementing SAP Business One requires a collaborative approach. It's important to form a coordinated team that includes members from both the customer and consulting sides. Make sure that these team members are experts who have the authority to make decisions. This will promote an approach towards achieving the goal of implementing a solution within the given time and budget constraints. Partner with Centrix as they are known for their commitment to teamwork and can help ensure a successful SAP Business One implementation. By choosing Centrix you're not getting a solution provider. Also gaining a dedicated partner who will support you in your journey, towards achieving business excellence.

Tip 10: Drive Continuous Improvement with Centrix's Proactive Support

The journey, towards achieving success with SAP Business One goes beyond implementation; it thrives on improvement. By partnering with Centrix you gain support and guidance that enables implementation enhancements and optimizations. Centrix takes an approach by not providing a solution but actively contributing to the evolution of your usage of SAP Business One. Collaborate with Centrix to navigate the changing business landscape ensuring that your SAP Business One solution remains aligned with your evolving needs and industry trends. With Centrix it's not about implementing a system; it's, about establishing a long term partnership dedicated to improving your business processes.

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