Client Success Stories
Lasercharge Ltd

How can a software solution enable a  company achieve operational excellence?

Companies usually face difficulty operating smoothly during a software implementation, let alone achieving operational excellence

Lasercharge Ltd is a technology company offering advanced technology infrastructure
and printing solutions. At some point, in the company’s long history of operations, it
was apparent that its growth was directly related and heavily affected by its
operational software system. In deciding to implement a new system, the Management
knew it would be a challenging project, critical to its future success, one that would
require a sizable investment in time and effort. To achieve its objectives, Lasercharge
Ltd, chose SAP Business One. Experienced channel partner, N Y Centrix Solutions Ltd,
classified and implemented the project gradually in order to facilitate the users and the
organization to respond more efficiently to change.

Lasercharge purchase and sales processes were optimized and standardized with SAP Business One

With the implementation of SAP Business One, Lasercharge Ltd was able to: 

  • Improve and standardize its business processes
  • Integrate customer service information
  • Obtain accurate stock management control including actual stock levels, sales analysis and profitability ratios
  • Gain real time access to financial and management reporting
  • Consolidate other legacy applications into SAP Business One
  • Reduce time needed for inventory management
  • Access coherent business information for accurate management decision making

“Many modules were gradually implemented which helped our company gain efficiency and productivity, as well as, real-time access to all kind of valuable information. As our operations grow, our company will continue implementing more functions thus making the most of our investment in our SAP Solution”

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